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Balaton Tourism  Lake Balaton train information:

Train times from Budapest to Lake Balaton

Published train timetables sometimes change during the course of the year so the most accurate way of checking train times is by going directly to the Hungarian Railways website.  The section that deals with train timetables can be reached by clicking on the button below:

Instructions for using the Elvira website

1.  In the box (field) labelled Honnan, (where from) write where you are travelling from, e.g. Budapest

2.  In the box (field) labelled Hova, (where to)write where you are travelling to, e.g. Balatonboglar

3.  In the box labelled Mikor (when) write the date in the order shown or click on the calender symbol to the right of the field and choose your travelling time.

Unless you believe you qualify for one of the reduced fares listed in the Reduction box, go to the next step which is to check the train times.

Keresés means look for/find.  Click on the Keresés button to check train times.

Jegyvásárlás means buy a ticket.  Click on the Jegyvásárlás button to buy your ticket

Further Information

Each train time is numbered and more detailed information is given below the main timetable, including the cost of the fare, the time the journey will take and whether you need to make a seat reservation or not.

If you need any help, please e-mail me and I will try to clarify things if I can.

Good luck with it.

Laszlo Lipot


Train information can also be checked by contacting MAV on :
0036 1 461 5400 (from outside Hungary)
06 1 461 5400 (from inside Hungary)
Internet: (very good site, highly recommended)