Balaton Tourism for holidays at Lake Balaton in Hungary


Balaton Tourism  for travel information to Lake Balaton:

How to get to Lake Balaton from the UK.  

The following websites offer flights to Hungary from the UK  

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Flies to Balaton Airport 

Transport from Balaton Airport 

Transfers from the new Balaton Airport to any holiday accommodation on our list can be arranged for you upon request.  Transfer is normally by taxi or minibus, depending on the size of your party. Tar Taxis are currently quoting 8000 forint to bring people from the airport to Balatonboglar.

Travelling from Budapest Ferihegy 1 and Ferihegy 2 airports by car to Lake Balaton.

When you hire the car, buy a motorway toll ticket at the same time.  You will need it to drive to the Balaton.

Directions from the Budapest Ferihegy 2  Airport: 

Once you leave the airport carpark continue until you come to a Tee-junction and then turn right towards Budapest.  You will fairly quickly come to a flyover which you should go over and continue straight on with the main flow of traffic. 

(If you do not go over the flyover, carry straight on as you will join the main road on the other side of the flyover.  If you really mess this up and you turn left under the flyover, carry straight on as this will take you into Ulloi Ut which joins back into the Budapest/airport road, FERIHEGY REPULOTERRE VEZETO UT.)  

 As you go towards Budapest you will pass Ferihegy 1, on your right.  

If you are driving from Budapest Ferihegy 1 Airport, come out of the car park and turn right onto the main road towards Budapest.

Keep going straight on and go over the next flyover.  Carry straight on until you see a sign for a left turn over PETOFI HID, i.e. Petofi Bridge.  If I remember correctly there is a big green building with a golden dome, on the other side of the left turning and you should turn left before it.

You should cross Petofi Hid (Hid = bridge) and follow the signs for the Balaton E71, M7.  This bit is fairly fast with lots of bends but you will eventually go under a railway bridge and join the main road down towards the Balaton.  Remember keep following the E71, M7 Balaton signs.

About 120 km from the airport, you will come to the end of the motorway and you will be reaching Zamardi where you should bear left and keep going until you get to Balatonboglar.  

As you start nearing Balatonboglar, you will see a MacDonalds on your left, then the tents and amusements of the Hungarian State Circus.  When you pass a Suzuki dealers on the left you should look out for a slip road coming up on your right and turn right over the railway line.  (as long as the barrier is not down and the lights are not flashing red.)  As soon as you cross the railway line, turn left and then take the first right into ALKOTMANY UTCA.  Our house is number 9.  It is the yellow one with a red roof and wooden balcony.  It is on the left, near the far end i.e. the lakeside end of the road.   From here, we can guide you to wherever you want to go.

Alkotmany Utca 9

Balaton Tourism for lakeside holidays.

Alternatively you could rejoin the new part of the M7 and get off at the Balatonboglar exit.  

If you are going to the Kentaur Puszta / Kentaur Holiday Village, turn left off the motorway slip road and you will soon see the holiday village on the right, a short distance off the motorway exit.

If you are going to Balatonboglar, turn right off the motorway exit and that will bring you to a tee-junction about 3/4 km further on.  You should turn left into Balatonboglar towncentre.  See the map for details of how to get to various Balatonboglar locations, or come to us at Alkotmany Utca 9 and we will take you to you holiday accommodation.

Driving from Balaton Airport to Balatonboglar

To get to Balatonboglar by car from the Balaton Airport follow these directions. 
You will not need a motorway toll ticket from Balaton Airport.

As you come out of the airport grounds and onto the main road, turn left and go through the village of Sarmellek. Keep going until you come to the junction with the 76 and then turn right. Follow the signs to the Balaton and the E71. The first major town is Balatonszentgyorgy. 

After Balatonszentgyorgy, you will come to a major roundabout. You will need to take the 3rd exit towards Budapest.

You will then be heading along the Balaton towards Budapest. The towns that you will be passing through after Balatonszentgyorgy are:

As you come into Balatonboglar, you will pass Balatonboglar Railway Station on your left and a PLUS Supermarket on your right. You will then come to a small roundabout. Go straight over the roundabout then take the first left over the level crossing.

Immediately after the level crossing, turn right. Go straight on and take the fourth left into ALKOTMANY UTCA. We are on the left towards the end of the road. The house number is 9.

Balaton Tourism for lakeside holidays.

Transport from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to Budapest by Airport Minibus

The Air Traffic and Airport Administration (LRI) offers you its Minibus Service at very reasonable prices.

Passengers arriving at Budapest Ferihegy Airport can travel to any destination in Budapest by 8-seater Airport Minibus for a fixed rate of 2100 HUF per person. Departure is on request. Tickets may be purchased at the LRI Airport Passenger Service counters in the baggage reclaim area and in the Arrivals Hall.

An Airport Minibus may also be booked to take passengers from any destination in Budapest to Ferihegy Airport. The booking should be made by telephone or FAX one day before the flight.

Telephone booking from Hungary 06 1 296 8555
Telephone booking from outside Hungary 0036 1 296 8555
FAX 0036 1 296 8993

Taxi to Budapest:  There are regulated taxis running from the airport to central Budapest for about 5000 Forints. It is always best to ask for the price of the ride before hand as some operators from railway stations and other areas of Budapest will overcharge an unsuspecting visitor.

Taxi to Lake Balaton.  We are able to organise a taxi driver to meet you at the airport and to bring you to Lake Balaton in a 7 seater people carrier.  (Driver + 6 passengers).  The cost by taxi is 25,000 Forint, which is approximately 72, i.e. 12 per person with 6 passengers travelling.    

Trains from Budapest to Lake Balaton

Trains run to Lake Balaton from Budapest Deli Railway Station and Budapest Kelleti Railway Station. Train times can be found on the Hungarian Railway Elvira website at

Balaton Tourism for lakeside holidays.