Fun pools at Balatonlelle


There are fun pools at Balatonboglár and 3 kms. away at Balatonlelle. There is also a sports centre with an indoor pool at Balatonboglár.

During the Summer the warm waters of Lake Balaton are wonderful for both playing in and for competitive swimming.

The major swimming event of the year is the swim across the Balaton, starting at Révfülöp on the Northern side of the lake and finishing in Balatonboglár, 5.2 kms away on the Southern shore.

Anyone fit enough can enter. The event is very well organised with yachts anchored every 30 metres along the route to support tired swimmers and there are safety boats ready to help anyone that may need it.

Water slide at Balatonboglar
The annual 5.2 km swim from Refulop to Balatonboglar