Fishing on Lake Balaton

Anglers require two types of fishing licence to fish on Lake Balaton. Angler's will need:

  1. a national angling licence
  2. a Lake Balaton licence, i.e.
    • either a licence that allows you to fish from the shore and from a boat anywhere on Lake Balaton, or
    • a licence that allows you to fish from the shore and up to 1500 metres from the shore only.

Fishing licence prices can be checked at source:

The anglers' guide, i.e. fishing rules, typers, sizes and numbers of fish that may be caught are detailed here:

Fish size limitations and closed seasons are detailed here:

Fly fishing on Lake Balaton with Gergely Kapocsi

Gergely Kapocsi provides:

  • half day (4 hours) guiding fishing for 1-2 people
  • whole day (8 hours) guiding fishing for 1-2 people.

If you would like a longer fishing trip or if you are in a larger group, please contact Gergely to arrange a fishing trip that meets your requirements.

For further details go to:

Contact Gergely Kapocsi, e-mail:

Fly fishing Gergely Kapocsi

Fishing shops in the Balatonboglár area

Cserdy Karoly fishing shop

Cserdy Karoly

Szechényi István Utca 26

Tel: 06 85 450 002
Mobile: 06 30 486 0517

Sells fishing tackle + fishing licences


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Familia Horgaszbolt / Familia fishing shop

Familia Horgaszbolt

Hortenzia Utca 4

Owner: Osztopani István

Tel: 06 30 969 5774
Fax: 06 85 354 258


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Verseczki Horgaszbolt / Verseczki fishing shop

Verseczki Horgaszbolt

Vágohid Utca 2

Owner: Verseczki Laszlo

Tel: 06 85 354 017
Mobile: 06 30 588 4490


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