Eating in Hungary

The food at lakeside cafes and restaurants is generally cheap by British and Austrian standards, plentiful and of good quality.

Most cafes and restaurants serve traditional Hungarian dishes, international dishes and vegetarian options.

Typical dishes include:

  • Goulash (Gulyás) cooked in a pot over an open fire.
  • Hungarian fish soup cooked over an open fire.
  • Venison, wild boar and other game stews.
  • Roast duck and goose.
  • Roast pork, chicken, turkey and beef steaks with various Hungarian sauces.
  • Peppers in a tomato sauce stuffed with meat.
  • Spicy sausages, black pudding and liver sausages
  • Fried game fish from the Balaton.
  • Roast or baked trout and salmon.
  • Pizza.
  • Various pasta dishes.

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Main dishes are accompanied by pasta, rice, chips and other potato garnishes.

There is always a choice of fresh salad and pickles. Desserts are usually strudels, pancakes, cakes and ice cream.

All restaurants have a variety of beers, spirits and Hungarian wines. The dress code is informal and bathing costumes are acceptable at most lakeside open-air snack bars.


Outdoor cooking

There is a culture of getting together with friends and cooking outside in Hungary, especially in the warmer months; over a grill (barbeque), using a cooking pot over an open fire and using a brick oven.

Fresh fruit and vegetables can be bought at supermarkets and at various farmers' markets, e.g. in Balatonboglár. Meat is of very good quality. Local butchers source their meat locally and produce their own sausages.